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Before attending the Laird Institute of Spa Therapy I was employed by Estee Lauder Companies, a job I dearly loved.á I loved helping clients with their skin care and makeup applications but as my passion for this line of work deepened I knew I wanted to take it further and obtain my Esthetics License.á

I felt that since Estee Lauder was what I considered to be among the best in the Cosmetic Industry, I only wanted to attend the very best Esthetics Institute.á I researched many and found that several were just hair schools who had added a skin program as an after thought.á My primary focus was skin and my mission was to become the best Esthetician I could be and after research and touring I decided that Laird was the very best facility to allow me to achieve my goal.á

As a Laird Student I was given an education that has taken me further than I ever even dreamed possible.á As a student there I was awarded the distinguished honor of being awarded the Legacy Scholarship from the International Dermal Institute.á At my State Board Exams I was the most prepared Student there, thanks to the individualized preparation I was given at Laird.á Other undergraduates at the testing seemed to be lost and disorganized, while I was so well prepared that I felt confident.á

My education was so thorough that I was hired by a team of the most reputable Plastic Surgeons in New Hampshire even before my graduation.á My detail oriented education has been so valuable in consulting with Patients regarding Advanced Medical Skin Care as well as counseling them in the next step of Botox or Facial Fillers.á Through my work there I have been recognized by Obagi Medical who flew myself and my Practice Manager to Newport Beach California for a 4 day Spa weekend where I was awarded with a plaque for Outstanding Achievement.á

I am currently the Medical Aesthetician on Staff at the offices of Dr. Peter T. Pacik and Dr. Daniel A. Sterling & SkinCare-MD.á I am also the co-owner of the Company, Catwalk Cosmetics with my Colleague, Professional Makeup Artist, Thom Ouellette.á á

My Patients and Clients often remark to me that I must love my job and inquire where a person would go to become educated in what I do.á I always refer them to Laird, as I do for Patients and Clients who are looking for Facials, Pedicures, or body waxing or other services that I do not offer, because I am confident in the meticulous attention to detail that Laird is famous for.á I would never trust my precious Patients or Clients to anyone but the best.á

I am so proud to say that I am an Alumnus of the Laird Institute of Spa Therapy.á I use the education that I obtained there every single day.á So if you're considering a Career in the Esthetics Industry, there is nothing to think about.á Enroll at the Laird Institute, or what myself and my former classmates lovingly refer to as "The LIST".á It will be the best decision of your life and the first step in embarking on an exciting and rewarding Career.á


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